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Health beyond disciplinary borders.

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UCL Health of the Public brings multiple disciplines together to improve health for all, taking forward ideas presented in the Academy of Medical Sciences report Improving the Health of the Public by 2040.
Our physical and mental health is shaped by a multitude of factors, from the food we eat, to the air we breathe, the work we do, the places we live, the taxes we pay, the health care we receive, and the people around us. We aim to develop new research communities and collaborations across many fields, including engineering, climate science, the built environment, law and social sciences, alongside population health sciences. This will encourage innovative perspectives in our research and education, and create a new cadre of researchers and students with skills that transcend disciplines. 
By working together with multiple disciplines, and in collaboration with local communities, local government, the NHS, the third sector, and industry, we hope to have a real impact and ensure a healthy future for all.

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Our place at UCL

UCL is ranked 6th in the world for public health research (ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023) and has a large and vibrant community of academics who are working in health of the public research. UCL Health of the Public will build on the existing excellence of the UCL Population and Lifelong Health Domain and support the development of new research communities and collaborations.

The School will support development of cross-disciplinary joint modules for undergraduates and postgraduates, offer Health of the Public modules to a broad range of students, and support core health of the public teaching across the University to allow more cross-sectoral influence into existing health focussed programmes. It will also link PhD programmes in the health of the public domain to improve research training and to create a new transdisciplinary health of the public cohort of PhD students.

[1] The Academy of Medical Sciences. 2016. Improving the Health of the Public by 2040. https://acmedsci.ac.uk/policy/policy-projects/health-of-the-public-in-2040.