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Cross-disciplinarity is at the heart of what we do. Find out about UCL’s research, and how we are supporting the development of new research communities and collaborations through our research pages.

UCL Health of the Public Communities

In September 2020, UCL Health of the Public launched an academic communities scheme to encourage dynamic and innovative leaders to proactively develop themes that bring together new research communities. These academic communities will act as a catalyst to increase UCL’s cross-disciplinary public health research capacity.

research themes

Research themes

UCL researchers are working at the forefront of cross-disciplinary research to improve the health of the public. From planetary health to developing and using new technologies, UCL is providing new knowledge and evidence to tackle the multitude of factors that affect our health.



UCL is host to a wide range of Population and Clinical Cohorts, as well as Electronic Health Record studies. These prospective and retrospective cohort studies follow a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience and use correlations to analyse risk factors.