UCL Health of the Public




Our vision

Our vision for health of the public education at UCL will encourage opportunities to learn about health in a wide range of disciplines relevant to health of the public and incorporate these disciplines into the existing health of the public programme offer. We want to create a new cadre of researchers and students with skills that transcend disciplines.

Labour market analysis suggests that the public health workforce is expanding significantly beyond the classic public health practitioner and specialist routes and involving many different sectors, creating a demand for cross-disciplinary and innovative education in public health.

In response to the ‘Improving the Health of the Public by 2040’ report call to incorporate opportunities for learning about health into a wide range of disciplines relevant to health of the public, we will also seek to encourage inclusion of health of the public modules as optional modules in relevant Masters degree programmes across the university as well as further promoting these Master’s programmes.

Our virtual curriculum below collates programmes from across UCL that align with the Health of the Public vision. This list will be updated regularly.

Arts and Humanities
Social and Historical Sciences
Population Health Sciences