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Health and Legal Policy References

Fenney D, Buck D (2021). The NHS’s role in tackling poverty: Awareness, action and advocacy. The King’s Fund.

Ministry of Justice (2019). Legal support: The way ahead. An action plan to deliver better support to people experiencing legal problems.

NHS (2019). The NHS Long Term Plan.

Advice Sector Organisations

AdviceLocal – website providing information on rights and entitlements, and listing local sources of support for social welfare legal problems

Advice Now – website providing accurate, practical information on rights and the law in England and Wales

Advice Service Alliance – umbrella body for independent not-for-profit advice services in the UK

Cash First referral leaflets – leaflets listing local agencies that can help people maximise income and access financial entitlements

Citizens Advice – national charity providing advice on welfare rights issues

Free Legal Answers – website where individuals on a low income, and not eligible for legal aid, can request initial or brief advice from volunteer lawyers

Just For Kids Law – charity supporting children and young people with their legal rights

Law Centres Network – Law Centres offer free legal advice, casework and representation on social welfare legal issues

LawWorks – charity connecting volunteer lawyers with people in need of advice

Macmillan Cancer Support – charity providing specialist health care, information, advice and financial support to people affected by cancer

Maternity Action – charity providing free advice on maternity and parental rights regarding employment, social security and health care

The Jeanie Project – online platform for people with legal problems, to collate the information advisors will need to know when supporting an individual

The Legal Education Foundation – a grant-making foundation using legal education to build a society that fosters the principles of justice and fairness

International Resources

Health Justice Australia – Australia

National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership – USA