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Health Justice Partnerships

"Law is both a social determinant of health and a remedy for addressing health inequalities.” - Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Director, National Strategy for Health Justice Partnership, University College London

Read our launch report ‘Law for Health: Using free legal services to tackle the social determinants of health’.

Read our most recent research 'Health Justice Partnerships in England: A study of implementation success'.

Health Justice Partnerships

  • Health Justice Partnerships are collaborations between health services and organisations specialising in welfare rights.
  • Welfare rights advice is integrated with patient care, supporting people with issues such as welfare benefits, debt, housing and employment.
  • Health Justice Partnerships tackle social and economic circumstances that are strongly harmful to health and are root causes of health inequality.

Health and civil justice

Civil justice issues are closely related to poor health. Find out more about the links.

Law and the social

About Health Justice Partnerships

Health justice partnerships involve integrating welfare rights advice with patient care. Find out more about the services.

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About us

We promote a collaborative response to health inequalities and access to justice. Read about our ambition and meet the team.

What we offer

What we offer

We undertake research, teaching and practice, build collaborations and advocate for health-justice initiatives. Find out more about our activities.

Running a HJP

Running a health-justice partnership

Health justice partnerships are diverse and innovative projects. Read about things to consider when developing them.



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