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Research Projects

Our research projects bring together the Faculty and students to carry out world-leading legal research. Find out more below
UCL Centre for Commercial Law

Autonomous Shipping Project

The Autonomous Shipping Project aims to create an engaging platform to discuss the regulation of MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships).

Jeremy Bentham

Bentham Project

The Bentham Project is the world centre for Bentham Studies. Its main activity is the production of the new edition of Bentham's Collected Works.

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ERC State Silence Project

This project aims to understand the reasons for which States remain silent, the legal significance of State Silence in international law-making, State responsibility and dispute settlement. 

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Feminist Judgments in Central and Eastern Europe

The Feminist Judgments in Central and Eastern Europe (FJ-CEE) Project expands the kaleidoscope of existing feminist judgments projects with an unprecedented comparative regional initiative covering post-socialist civil law jurisdictions.

Human Rights Beyond Borders

Human Rights Beyond Borders

States have an impact on human rights not only in their own territories. Also, often there is an extraterritorial impact—on people in the rest of the world.

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Information Technology Law Collective

The Information Technology Law Collective is an informal and open network of scholars in the London area who meet and exchange ideas about contemporary challenges and issues on topics including data, the Internet, and emerging digital technologies.

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Jevons Colloquia

 The Jevons Colloquia is a forum for discussion at the cutting edge of competition law and regulation internationally.

Lex Atlas Covid 19 project

Lex-Atlas: Covid-19 (LAC19)

Lex-Atlas: Covid-19 (LAC19) provides a scholarly report and analysis of national legal responses to Covid-19 around the world. There are nearly 200 jurists participating in the network and have contributed to writing national country reports. 


UCL Project on International Courts and Tribunals

The project promotes greater knowledge about international courts and tribunals; and contributes to international peace through international justice and rule of law

PIL Pro Bono

UCL Public International Law Pro Bono Project

This project brings together LLM and PhD students with a background in international law and provides them with opportunities to get first hand practical experience in public international law.

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Waste Law Reading Group

The Waste Law Reading Group is a community of Early Career Researcher academics working on waste law. The Group’s mission is to develop the ECR academic waste law community both within the UK and internationally. 

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UCL Health Justice Partnership

Health Justice Partnerships integrate legal welfare advice services with healthcare. Our strategy supports the research, practice, and policy of Partnerships through engagement and advocacy.