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Information Technology Law Collective

An open network of scholars in and around London discussing contemporary digital challenges

The Information Technology Law Collective is an informal and open network of scholars in the London area, who meet and exchange ideas about contemporary challenges and issues on topics including data, the Internet, and emerging digital technologies.

The primarily purpose of the group is to co-ordinate occasional discussion events with a strong social element, with the aim of strengthening the networks and profiles of doctoral/early career scholars within and across institutions, and fostering exciting collaborations.

Events are announced via a mailing list. To join the list, send a blank email to InfoTechLawCollective-join@ucl.ac.uk. The mailing list is governed in accordance with the UCL Privacy Policy. Researchers outside of law schools working in areas adjacent to information technology law, including computer science and technology policy, are very welcome. Researchers based in or around London, who commute out to non-London institutions, or those who want to lurk because they often find themselves in town, are also welcome to join the list.

The group is administratively coordinated by Dr Michael Veale at UCL Laws, but is designed to span across University of London colleges and other London–based institutions, with co-ordinating support from scholars across 13 London law schools, including (alphabetically):

UCL Laws is home to a broad research community researching interactions of information technologies and law, including: