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Meet our previous students

Online English Course students come from a diverse range of countries and cultures. Read more about their experiences of the course and teachers, as well as advice for future students.
Nitta Asuka

Asuka Nitta

"I  chose to take this course because I needed to consume more authentic, living English than I do in my university and daily life in Japan."

Yoshiki stood by a sign written in Japanese

Yoshiki Yamaguchi

"I think this course offers the best curriculum of any English course available online. Most online courses would specialise in speaking, this programme dealt with a wide range of four skills plus academic skills."

Hiroto Hatano - Online English profile picture

Hiroto Hatano

"I think this course is a good opportunity to improve all your English skills like speaking, reading, listening and writing. All the teachers are kind, so there is no need to be scared. Enjoy the course as much as you can."

Qin Yuanyuan Profile pic

Qin Yuanyuan

"The lectures and communication with people from different countries involved in the course are really an unforgettable experience. I have never found myself in such a diverse world, where education, arts and so on are different from each country."

Yuki Yuminoke - Online English profile picture

Yuki Yuminoke

"As a discussion group consisted of 3-4 students, it was easy to speak out and express my opinion, resulting in the improvement of my speaking skills. This will help me to express my opinions or ideas to others clearly in the future."