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Further information on entrance tests

Learn more about the entrance tests for the UPC international foundation year. This includes how to prepare for your tests and how to take them.

When will I take the tests?

If your application meets our entry criteria, we’ll invite you to take the entrance test(s).

When you take the entrance test(s) depends on when you submit a complete application.

Please see the how to apply page for specific entrance test dates.

How can I prepare for a test?

    We strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with the practice entrance tests which are available below.

    Critical Thinking practice tests 1, 2 and 3 (including further guidance)Biology practice test 1
     Biology practice test 2
    Mathematics practice test 1Chemistry practice test 1
     Chemistry practice test 2
    Mathematics practice test 2Mathematics practice test 1
     Mathematics practice test 2
     Physics practice test 1
     Physics practice test 2

    These tests will give you a clear idea of the format and type of questions you will find in the actual entrance tests.

    Recommended resources for preparing for the entrance tests

    It may also be useful to look at a GCSE or AS Level textbook to see the range of topics and disciplines covered in each subject. You’ll find suggestions on recommended resources below.



    Critical Thinking task

    For more information, please see information on the Critical Thinking task.



    Why do I need to take a test?

    The entrance tests will help the Admissions Team decide whether you have the level of knowledge you need for the UPC course.

    Critical Thinking task

    For more information, please see information on the Critical Thinking task.

    Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics entrance tests

    How do I take the tests?

    You’ll take these entrance tests online using a platform called UCL eXtend. Please see our guide on how to take the tests on UCL eXtend.

    You should take the tests on a computer, tablet or laptop. Please make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in. You should not use your mobile phone to take the tests.

    You need to use a JavaScript-enabled web browser. We recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Safari. If your browser uses an advert blocker, ensure that extend.ucl.ac.uk is approved in your settings.

    On your test date, you’ll need to log in to UCL eXtend with your eXtend username and password which will be sent to you the day before the test(s). Insert your username and the password to access and take your test(s).

    Test format

    The tests have 30 multiple-choice questions. You can try the practice tests in this format, and you’ll receive feedback for each answer and an overall grade.

    Time-limited attempt

    You should also consider practising in limited time: you'll have one hour only to complete the test on the actual test day, so time management is crucial. 

    Am I ready?

    Your practice test score is derived from your first attempt at the test. If you’re answering at least 50% of the questions correctly, you could be ready to take the UPC entrance tests. This would also suggest that you should apply for the course if you haven't already. However, be sure that you meet the other entrance requirements.

    What score do I need to be considered for an interview?

    If you achieve 50% or above in each entrance test, a UPC Admissions tutor will assess your application. Their decision regarding an invitation to interview will consider all elements of your application.

    If you can't sit your test

    If you can’t sit the test on the date you are given, please inform us via email at upc@ucl.ac.uk.

    If you’re unwell before the test, it is best to reschedule. Likewise, please inform us via email.

    You will not be offered the chance to retake the tests.

    Test day

    On each test date, the test site will be open for 24 hours. This period starts at 10pm (UK time) the day before your test and ends at 10pm (UK time) on the test day.

    On the test day, you’re expected to start your first test at 9am (your local time). If you have a second test, you should start this at 10:45am (your local time).

    Entrance test instructions

    UPC entrance tests should be taken under exam conditions:

    • Your phone must be switched off and not in the room with you.
    • You must not use the internet or seek help from anyone.
    • The test should be completed without the assistance of another person.

    Dictionary use

    You can use a dictionary for the entrance tests. We recommend non-technical dictionaries (English-only or bilingual). This is not essential, as the tests are designed so they can be completed without dictionaries.

    Calculator use

    A simple electronic calculator can be used. Below is a full list of suitable calculators:

    • Casio FX85GT X
    • Casio FX83GT+ (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85GT+ (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83MS (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85MS (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83ES (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85ES (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83WA (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85WA (solar powered)

    If you have any problems during the test(s), please contact the UPC team. We will only be able to respond during UK office opening hours (Monday-Friday 9am–5pm).