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Take a language module for credit as part of your undergraduate or graduate degree programme. We offer courses in nine modern foreign languages, English for Academic Purposes and British Sign Language.

CLIE language modules 2022-2023

How to register on a CLIE language module in 2022-2023.

CLIE language modules 2021-2022


Past examination papers

Past examination papers are available online; login using your UCL userID and password. 

CLIE language modules Oral Examination

The Oral Examination applies to all CLIE language modules except Translation Skills, Art Historians, Academic Writing in English for Non-Native Speakers, Academic Writing in English for Native Speakers. Oral Examinations take place in April-May 2022, and are done using Microsoft Teams.

You can now book a date/time for your Oral Examination:

UCL CLIE Language Modules Oral Examination Booking

You will need to login using your UCL userID and password.

CLIE language module classes for 15-credit modules at language levels 4-7

Many classes for 15-credit modules at language levels 4-7 that have been online will be taught F2F for some weeks after Reading Week (UCL week 25). For European languages this will be generally be in UCL weeks 26-27 (21-25 February 2022, 28 February - 04 March 2022), for non-European languages this will generally be in UCL weeks 28-29 (07-11 March 2022, 14-18 March 2022). Please check the online timetable/with your CLIE language tutor for details.

CLIE language module classes in the first week of Term 2 (UCL week 20)

ALL CLIE language module classes will be online in the first week of Term 2 (10-17 January 2022). This is to enable as many students as possible to participate in classes, by giving time for PCR testing to be completed and for potential isolation periods after any travelling over the Christmas period.
If your class is normally face-to-face then your language tutor will be in touch beforehand with online joining information. 
The Online Timetable will be updated to show classes as being online at the start of January.

We currently expect classes that are usually face-to-face to revert to being face-to-face in Term 2 week 2 (UCL week 21), but this is subject to forthcoming UCL guidance.

CLIE Language SSCCs: There are two Staff-Student Consultative Committees for CLIE Language Modules: one for European languages (including EAP and BSL), and one for non-European languages, and each will meet once per term in 2021-2022.
CLIE Language Modules Staff-Student Consultative Committee: European languages

  • Wednesday 08 December 2021 17:15-18:15
  • Wednesday 02 March 2022 17:15-18:15
  • Wednesday 08 June 2022 17:15-18:15

CLIE Language Modules Staff-Student Consultative Committee: non-European languages

  • Thursday 09 December 2021 17:15-18:15
  • Thursday 03 March 2022 17:15-18:15
  • Thursday 09 June 2022 17:15-18:15

Each 15 and 30-credit module group should select an Academic Representative to represent and discuss the views of the group with the CLIE Director and Language Modules administration at these meetings.
Class representatives: Selection of the representative should be done at the end of the class during the week of 15 November 2021 (UCL week 12). 
Lead department representatives: there will be a lead department representative for each of these committees, i.e. ONE for ALL European language modules, and ONE for ALL non-European language modules. Selection will be done through an election from among the class representatives. 

Registration: Registration for 2021-2022 is now closed. 

Blended learning: CLIE modules will have a blended teaching delivery. In general:

  • 15-credit modules: CLIE language levels 1-3 will be face-to-face wherever possible; CLIE language levels 4-7 will be mostly online with up to three face-to-face sessions per term wherever possible.
  • 30-credit modules: of the two weekly classes one will be face-to-face wherever possible, and the other will be online.
  • All online sessions will be synchronous.

There will be adaptations to take account of students who must study remotely in Term 1, through different teaching deliveries (online or hybrid). This will be considered during the timetabling process, when we know who is taking each module.

All CLIE language modules are in the UCL Module Catalogue; you can find a brief description of each module as well as a list of summative assessments.

Module syllabi and course materials.

Questions? Drop us a line.


To enrol on a CLIE language module, you must:

  • be a current undergraduate or graduate student at UCL or another college of the University of London
  • have authorisation from your department to study a module as part of your degree programme
  • be here for the full academic year.

All CLIE modules (15 or 30 credits) start in October and run through to March. 

Students listening in a language class

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Languages include: Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish across all levels (15-30 credits).

EAP student reading a text in class

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Modules include: English Language Skills for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing in English for Native or Non-Native Speakers (15 credits).

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL)

Study British Sign Language at level 1 or 2 (15 credits).

Students studying in class with model of human body

Student Selected Components (SSCs)

UCL undergraduate medical students (year 1 and 2) can study SSCs in seven languages.