UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


UPC and UCL Sustainability

As London’s Global University with a diverse community, UCL is committed to inspiring sustainability action on an international scale.

In preparing to join the UPC, please familiarise yourself with UCL's Sustainability Strategy.

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The strategy includes commitments to:

  1. Every student will have the opportunity to study and be involved in sustainability
  2. We will increase our sustainability research, with an increased focus on the Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Our buildings will be net-zero carbon, and by 2030 our institution will be net-zero carbon
  4. Be a single-use-plastic free campus
  5. Reduce waste per person by 20%
  6. Create 10,000 metres squared of more biodiverse green space on campus

As an international student, you can contribute to this change by considering:

  • Choosing to travel in the most sustainable way possible and offsetting your travel wherever possible. This might mean, for example, making a commitment to flying less frequently and/or choosing to fly by direct flights only (since take-off and landing burn more fuel). Or perhaps you can find a way to travel which does not involve flying at all. UCL has specific advice and guidance about off-setting your travel
  • Choosing to eat less carbon-intensive foods. For example, you might consider eating less meat and dairy products (if these are part of your diet) where possible.
  • Choosing to buy sustainable products. For example, you might consider buying products that show a commitment to sustainability and/or to supporting ecological initiatives. You might also consider recycling and upcycling whenever possible.

Everyone can play a part in reducing our collective carbon footprint, and contributing to a regenerated, healthier and sustainable planet. Look out for further ways to engage with sustainability initiatives while on the UPC, which will be introduced once your course begins.