The Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme


Eligibility and funding

The Laidlaw Scholarship Programme is only available to current first year home, EU and overseas undergraduate students. The programme is not open to affiliate students.

Who is eligible to take part

All first year undergraduate students on programmes of three or more years’ duration at UCL are eligible to apply.

For most students on three year programmes, the scheme will run from Term 2 of your first year to Term 1 of your third year.  See the What's involved? schedule document for more details.

The programme is only open to first year undergraduate students at UCL. At UCL this programme is not open to undergraduate students in their second or subsequent years or postgraduate students.

Students who will spend a year abroad

Students with a year away from UCL as part of their programme will follow the Laidlaw Scheme in the years they are taught on campus.

For example, language students with a third year abroad will complete the scheme in their fourth year when they return to UCL.


As Laidlaw Scholars you will receive a stipend of around £3,300 per year in your first and second years.

As you will not be able to work during the six week summer research / leadership periods, this will cover your accommodation and living costs during that time.

You will also be able to apply for additional funding to help with travel costs where you are undertaking a project outside the UK.