The Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme


Choosing a project: propose your own topic

Do you have a burning desire to do your own research into something that really interests you? If so - here's your chance!  

You do not need to choose a project from the list, you can devise one yourself.  

You will need to find a suitable member of academic staff within UCL who agrees to supervise you. They should also assist you with the project-related element of your application.  

The project needs to be:

  • something you’re really interested in, 
  • at an appropriate academic level, and 
  • realistically achievable within six weeks.

Due to the current uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, your project must also be adaptable to run online only if necessary.

Bear in mind that undertaking your own devised project will demand a lot of self-reliance – you’ll need to organise your own work and your own time, negotiate with others as needed, and try to find a way through any setbacks.  

Having said that, it can be immensely satisfying to complete your own piece of research at a high level.

Examples of self-proposed projects

Maciej Respekta travels across Europe to gain research knowledge and career inspiration

Raphael Floresca: a self-proposed project on migrant families (video)