Joint Research Office


Training and Resources

The JRO provides researchers at UCL and UCLH with courses and training in clinical research governance, regulations, and GCP. The JRO additionally provides professional expertise in research management, biostatistics, finance, contracts, and regulatory affairs.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

The JRO provides FREE new starter and refresher GCP training courses to UCL and UCLH staff delivering UCL sponsored clinical trials. Staff are required to complete GCP training every two years, or demonstrate evidence of appropriate training or experience. To book, please visit the JRO's Eventbrite page.

GCP training can alternatively be completed online through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network; NIHR GCP e-learning courses are available free of charge.

Biostatistics Training

The Biostatistics group offers a popular short course entitled Practical Statistics for Medical Research and also provides modules in medical statistics for MSc courses at UCL.

JRO On-Site Support and Drop in Sessions

Please contact the JRO if you wish to meet with a member of staff to discuss your project. Alternatively, the JRO regularly runs a series of drop in sessions for UCL/H researchers:

- Research Approvals (sponsorship/feasibility/grant applications): provides support in submitting research applications to regulatory bodies, and support in setting up studies at UCLH

    Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Training

    The JRO expects investigators wherever possible to actively involve patients and the public in their research. Evidence of involving patients and the public in the planning, design, management and/or dissemination of research is increasingly a requirement of major funding bodies in the UK, as well as an expectation of research ethics committees.

    The active involvement of patients and the public in research can lead to treatments that better meet the needs of users and the public, and research results that are more likely to be put into practice. 

    We can support researchers wanting to involvement patients and the public in their studies by providing training, funding, access to members of the public, advice and more. Visit here to view our PPI support and workshops for researchers.

    Additional Training Resources:

    For any further queries, please contact the JRO course administrators via: jro-communications@nhs.net.