Information Services Division


About Computer Representatives

A Computer Rep is an important link between the Information Services Division (ISD) and local IT department.

The role of Computer Rep varies from department to department. Where there are many users in a department, the role of Computer Rep can be very demanding.

Departments should have one or more Computer Reps whose role is to:

  • Request accounts for new users (where these are not provided automatically)
  • Help users in their departments with password resets (by issuing single-use tokens)
  • Authorise departmental access to certain ISD services/facilities such as:
    • Account quota increases
    • Access to departmental S-drive areas
    • Sponsor Guest access to UCLGuest Wi-Fi network services
    • Departmental role accounts and shared resources

Once registered as a Computer Rep you will have access to:

  • The Computer Reps Tools: to see details of users in your department, of role accounts, and of intranet group membership.
  • The Services System: where you can request user accounts for honorary staff and visitors and request revocation of accounts for staff, students and visitors. (see below for more details of what's possible with the Services System if you're a rep).
  • The ability to request phone registration for users in your department using IT Services Self-Service request form. (The ability to register users yourself will be coming soon.)
  • The IT Services may ask your to help verify the identity of your users if they have trouble with the new MyAccount service.

Additionally, you can request access to the UCL Guest system for managing Wi-Fi connections. Contact the ISD IT Services to arrange this.

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