Information Services Division


Staff Registration

Staff member handing over an access card to a new employee
Your computer account details

Most new staff are automatically assigned a user ID and default password when they start at UCL.

How to obtain your computer account details on-campus or remotely

On campus

You can pick up your computer registration slip (this contains your user ID and default password) along with your UCL ID card from Security Services (Andrew Huxley Building, open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.45 pm). 
Don't forget to pick up an IT Essentials induction pack to help you get started.

If Security Services do not have your computer registration slip, visit IT Services with your UCL ID card. They will register you with MyAccount (UCL’s password management service) and set a password for your account.


If you are unable to visit the Andrew Huxley Building to pick up your computer registration slip please contact a Computer Rep in your department (details can be found using the Computer Reps list). They will submit a request on your behalf using the self-service portal.

When your account details are ready, IT Services will contact you by phone or email.

Once you have your user ID and password

Now you have your details, you should:

1. Use MyAccount to change your password to something only you know. Your password will automatically expire between 100 and 350 days after you set it (depending on the strength of the password you choose). 
Use a service like LastPass (only available to UCL staff) to strengthen your password. 

2. Register your phone number or email address on MyAccount, so you can reset your password yourself if you forget it.

Honorary and other staff

You should request for computer access via your Departmental Administrator..