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Audio conferencing – why are there so many ‘dial in’ numbers?

0208 and local geographic numbers

Teleconference call costs for this number are billed at a rate of 2p per min per participant and will be added to your UCL monthly invoice.

These numbers are usually best used dialing in from a mobile (local access may vary) Participants will also pay a local cost back to dial into this number – these costs will be included in their monthly telephone package minutes where applicable

0800 or Toll Free numbers

This number is charged at a rate of 3p per min per participant and all costs are billed onto your UCL invoice. This telephone number is to be used only from a landline

0844 or Shared cost

There is no ‘invoice charge’ to UCL as the cost of the conference is split across the participants call charges.

Call costs are from 4.2p and each user pays their own costs charged to your monthly telephone bill – This option usually ends up being the most expensive of the 3 options but is advertised by many as ‘free conferencing’. This is still available and competes directly with other offerings as a 'free' alternative without the need to book ahead.