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UCL Software Database

The software database is a system which enables UCL staff and students to obtain free of charge, any site-licensed software to which you are already entitled.

Other chargeable software is also available for departments. There is also useful information about the software that is available to you from the University, including descriptions of the software and its capabilities, the terms & conditions of the licenses which you will need to be aware of to use the software legally.

Log in to the Software Database (user ID & password required)

Before you start downloading...

Before you get going, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • Software versions
    For both consistency and compatibility you should download the software version you use at UCL, rather than the latest one. This applies to both staff and students.
  • Updating Windows or Office (UCL staff)
    You should contact your local IT support when updating Windows or Office. We are unable to provide support for use of this software.
    We strongly advise you follow the installation instructions associated with each download.
  • Home use
    While home use is permitted under some of our agreements, this does not amount to a personal licence. Use of software is subject to personal educational development, studying and academic research.

    By using software that UCL has made available for home use, you agree to these terms and conditions.

How to guides…

How to use the database

Using the software database is very straightforward, but if you do need any assistance then you may find our how-to guides a useful reference.

Please ensure when downloading any files bigger than 4GB your File system is a NTFS and not FAT32, if not please download to a USB file. No Support is given to the installation of software on these pages.

How do I get software that isn't free?


You can take advantage of software discounts offered by many software suppliers. Visit the software for students page for more information.


You can use a valid university internal account code to obtain software licenses which are not free. You will need to send an Electronic IDT. More information can be found on the software for staff page.