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Approved Information Governance documents

These documents have been approved by the Information Governance Steering Group.

NHS Digital Data Sharing Framework Contract - DSFC

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NHS Digital DSFC with UCL (PDF)

NHS Digital: Data Sharing Framework Contract. This applies to all data supplied to UCL by NHS Digital.

Recently updated (May 2024)

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UCL-IG32Details roles and responsibilities within the IG Framework  
UCL-IG31Data Safe Haven ScopeScope document for the Data Safe Haven Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Policy, planning and procedure

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UCL-IG03Research Information Governance Policy (PDF)Research Information Governance Policy    
SLMS-IG03bData Safe Haven Acceptable Use Statement (PDF)Acceptable Use Statement, required for access to the Data Safe Haven
UCL-IG16   Training Policy (PDF)Analysis of training needs, mapping appropriate elements of the DSP Toolkit training to roles 
UCL-IG21UCL-IG21 Offsite Working Policy and Procedure (PDF)Policy and procedure for offsite working
UCL-IG36Data Safe Haven Access Control Policy (PDF)Policy for Access Control within the Data Safe Haven


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SLMS-IG04a   Data Handling Guidance (PDF)Guidance on confidential data handling and secure transfer
 Data protection GuidanceGuidance on various aspects of data protection 

Templates and tools

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UCL-IG11Information Risk Tool (SharePoint)Spreadsheet used to capture information assets and assess risks associated with data transfer 
Draft - work in progressJoiners, movers and leavers checklistTemplate joiners, movers and leavers checklist

Roles and responsibilities

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IRGC ToRTerms of Reference for the UCL Information Risk Governance Committee (IRGC) 
SLMS-IG02   SIRO Role (PDF)Role description for the SLMS Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)    
SLMS-IG05   IG Lead Role (PDF)Role description for the SLMS Information Governance Lead    
SLMS-IG07   IG Officer Role (PDF)Role description for the SLMS IG Officer    
UCL-IG31Data Safe Haven Scope (PDF)Scope document for the Data Safe Haven Information Security Management System (ISMS)
SLMS-IG32IG Framework - roles and responsibilities (PDF)Details roles and responsibilities within the IG Framework 
UCL-IG35Terms of Reference for the ISMS Operational Group