Information Services Division


Data Safe Haven (DSH)

This service provides a technical solution for storing, handling and analysing identifiable data.

Service updates

New Service -  Self-Service Share Management Portal

We have launched a new service which will provide project IAOs and IAAs the ability to almost instantly create new shares for your projects and add/remove users from your existing shares. The system is accessible from the DSH Desktop therefore you will need an active DSH account. If you are an IAO or IAA then you will see DSH Share Management in the start menu and 2 programs called Share Manager and Share Request. Share Manager allows you to manage who has access to the shares you manage. Share Request allows you to create a share against a Project that you manage. Further information is available in the Service Requests page - Service Requests.

If possible please could you start using this tool now for new share and add/remove user to share requests. New user accounts still need to use the online request form however we have now included a field in this form where you can enter the name of the share to add them to so you no longer need to submit an add/remove to share form as well. If you require access to this tool but your DSH account is disabled then please contact dsh-support@ucl.ac.uk. If there are any other problems with accessing or using this tool then please let us know.

New Service - Data Egress Desktop

We have a new service which enables you to upload data from the DSH to an external web portal directly and therefore removes the need to export files out of the DSH to an intermediary location. The service like to the Data Ingress Desktop in that this is a separate desktop to the main DSH Desktop from which you can access the external web portal. When this service is enabled for you, there will appear another drive on the main DSH desktop to which you will be able to transfer files for export, like the outbound folder. This drive will then be accessible from the Data Egress Desktop to export to the web portal. 

The service will need to be requested for a share by the Information Asset Owner (IAO) or Information Asset Administrator (IAA) of the share. You can do this using the Request for Service self-service form Data Safe Haven - Request for Service. You will also need to specify in the Notes of the form the web portal address that you wish to have access to as there is not open access to the Internet from this desktop. Once this is done then all members of the share who have outbound rights will get access to the desktop. Outbound rights are not provided by default therefore you may also need to request outbound rights for users with the Add/Revoke File Transfer Portal Outbound Rights form (by an IAO or IAA). 

Further guidance on how to use the system is provided in the FAQs under the File Transfer Portal section - User Guide & FAQs.

DSH Service Portals

File Transfer Portal

Identifiable Data Transfer logo

Portal for secure transfer of data into the Data Safe Haven.

Applications & Data Portal

Application and Data Portal

Portal for secure handling of data using applications available in the Data Safe Haven and Securely transferring data out of the system.

Security & Tokens Portal

Select one of the following options:

Self-Service Console - For changing your password using your existing one
Reset Password Console - For resetting your password when existing one forgotten or does not work
Emergency Access Console - For an emergency code when you have no access to your token or authenticator app

Key Features

  • Provides a secure channel to handle and upload data, ensuring only those with assigned access are able to view and manage the data
  • Provides a protected environment with a number of applications for data management and transformation
  • Available at no additional cost to researchers


The Data Safe Haven has been certified to the ISO27001 information security standard and conforms to NHS Digital's Information Governance Toolkit. Built using a walled garden approach, where the data is stored, processed and managed within the security of the system, the DSH avoids the complexity of assured end point encryption. A file transfer mechanism enables information to be transferred into the walled garden simply and securely.

Getting started with the Data Safe Haven

Before requesting access to the Data Safe Haven you must complete the Information Governance assurance process. You will be required to complete approved training on data security, which will involve enrolling and completing the NHS Digital’s Data Security Awareness (NHSD) course. Once you have completed this course, you will have to attend a Data Safe Haven Induction session, through which you will learn more about the service as well as set up your own password and passkey.

If your project has already completed the Information Governance assurance process you may request access using the self-service forms. Use the search box and the search term 'Data Safe Haven'. Requests can only be made by the Information Asset Owner or their nominated Information Asset Administrator.

Top FAQs

I don't have my hard token or authenticator app, how do I log in?

You can use the Emergency Access Console to log in even if you do not have your token.

1. Go to the Emergency Access Console
2. Enter your DSH User ID and click Next
3. Enter your DSH Password and click Verify
4. Click on the Mail icon to email you an authorisation code
5. Go to your email and enter the authorisation code when you receive it and click Verify
6. Your emergency code will be displayed. It will expire when used, or after 24 hours.
7. Go to the Application & Data Portal
8. Enter your DSH User ID and DSH Password
9. Enter the 8 digit emergency code

How to transfer files to the Data Safe Haven?

Files can be transferred from your physical device to the Data Safe Haven using the File Transfer Portal.

Click the Upload button to open a File Explorer

Select the file to upload

DSH file transfer portal upload button
Log into the DSH Applications and Data Portal

Go to This PC > MFT Arrivals (Q:) > <Your username> and your file should be available. It may not be visible immediately, depending on the size of the file it may take a bit of time for the transfer to complete in the background.

You should transfer the file to a Share on Group (S:) as soon as possible. Files in the Arrivals folder will be deleted 30 days after they were created.