Information Services Division


Mailman Lists

Mailman is the name of the mailing list system UCL uses. It is used in a similar way to central distribution lists with the major difference being that Mailman lists can include Non-UCL members.

Requesting a new Mailman list

Send an email to postmaster@ucl.ac.uk along the lines of:

Dear Postmaster,

I would like to set up a mailing list on the Mailman system so that I can [provide your reason]. Please create a Mailman list with the address of [provide required list email address].'

The format for naming the lists is: [faculty/division/department]-[function/purpose] e.g. isd-researchadmin@ucl.ac.uk.

It takes a couple of days for the list to be set up. Once the list is set up, the ISD IT Services will e-mail you back with your password.

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