Information Services Division


Photographic, Print, Scanning and digitisation costs

Photographic and Group Photography Charges

Standard photography charges

We aim to keep our charges competitive and fees are based on an hourly rate of £70.00, we have a minimum charge of £25.00. Our normal operating hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. 

For any work requests which are required outside of these hours, we charge £90.00 per hour and £120.00 per hour at weekends. Please note: Out of hours work is by arrangement and availability.

We often work for external UCL commercial, industrial & research partners, also suppliers. Our costs start from £100.00 per hour, VAT is charged at the current rate for this work.

Student and/or Staff Group Photos

We charge £70.00 for a single group, this includes one proof print and a web-sized digital image. When there are multiple group photos required to be taken in one session, then we charge £50.00 per group. For larger sessions or multiple team photos we will offer a quotation based on your requirements.

Scanning and "Flat copy" charges

High resolution scanning / copying – From Artwork, Document, Print, Transparencies (Slides) or Negatives

Scan Type - size    1 2 - 10  11 - 50  51 - 99      100+
Very HQ Scan - Output up to A2 @ 300ppi, 8 or 16bit 50-100mb Tif file  10.00  9.00    8.00    7.00By Quotation
HQ Scan - Output up to A4 @ 300ppi, 8 or 16bit – 25mb Tif file  10.00  7.00    6.00    5.00By Quotation
From 35mm slide &  sized to approx A4  @300ppi  10.00  6.00    5.00    4.50By Quotation
Auto-Scan from 35mm slide &  sized to approx A4 @ 300ppi  5.00  3.00    2.50    2.00By Quotation

Copying of Artwork, Prints and Published items for UCL teaching purposes

COPY from Artwork       1   2 - 10  11 - 50  51 - 100    100+
Output 1920 px @ 72ppi supplied as .jpg or .png    5.00    4.50    4.25    4.00 By Quotation

Flatbed scanning of Documents or prints

Quantity     1    2 - 10   11 - 50  51 - 100    100+
Tiff or Jpeg    5.00     4.60    4.30     4.00By Quotation
inc. OCR Pdf    2.50     1.80    1.40     1.00     0.50

Image print charges

Please note, for any prints from size A4, visit the Poster Production web pages for pricing and further information.

Print Size  6"x 4” 6” x 9" 6” x 16”
Quantity     4     2      2
1st Print   6.50   6.50   13.00
Additional   6.50   6.50   13.00

Specifications of digitisation services offered

  1. All “Hasselblad Flextight” High-Quality scans are inclusive of cleaning, colour balancing, cropping and retouching where needed, scans are provided at 300ppi unless otherwise requested.
  2. All HQ copies are made using Hasselblad H50D camera.
  3. PowerPoint and Web quality scans are ‘dust busted’ colours balanced and cropped and are provided at 96ppi and at 1024 pixels (width or height).
  4. "Auto-Scans" are “full frame”, dust busted with auto colour correction applied and are provided at 300ppi unless otherwise requested.
  5. Digital copying of artwork, photographic prints, published material, books and other similar artefacts are undertaken using either Hasselblad or Canon high-quality digital cameras.
  6. Document scans are produced using a machine fed bulk scanner with auto settings applied. 
  7. All images are colour profiled and provided as AdobeRGB-1998 files for print. If usage is only on-screen, files can be supplied in sRGB . Please state how you intend to use and if s profile is required when placing your order.
  8. All images are sent via UCL Dropbox and can be written to either CD or DVD if required.