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UCL Imagestore

UCL Imagestore is an online digital archive of images produced by the UCL Digital Media photographic team. The content is for use in UCL publications and online presence.

Access UCL Imagestore

The Digital Media team recognise the need for visual imagery for learning, teaching and research as well as publicity and promotion. The online system enables academics, researchers, publicists, and all those who need and use imagery to enhance their lectures, presentations, publications or web presence. Also by storing collections of images, students have access to a very valuable resource. The image library also holds images generated by departments who wish to share both their creative and archival images with others in UCL.

Images are sized for convenient use in PowerPoint and web sites. If you require an image for publicity or print purposes, you can gain access to high-resolution TIF-format files through the Imagestore ordering system.

The Digital Media photographic unit also has a large collection of historical images, these are being added gradually to UCL Imagestore.

Useful UCL document templates can be downloaded, these are the same files that are available on the UCL Brand and Identity web pages.