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Digital Accessibility Team

The Digital Accessibility team leads, advises and provides resources and support on everything to do with digital accessibility at UCL.

The Digital Accessibility team advises, trains, and supports staff and students in assistive technology. As a team, we also work on making UCL's digital landscape a more accessible space by improving webpages, advising on and writing accessibility statements, and providing resources on creating accessible content. 

The team manages all digital accessibility information available online on our Accessibility website and Digital Accessibility Services pages.

The team provides in-person guidance and support through the Digital Accessibility Hubs, located on the Bloomsbury campus and on the new UCL East campus.

General enquiries: digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk

Digital Accessibility Team

Ben Watson
Ben Watson, Head of Digital Accessibility

Ben started UCL in January 2022; a former law librarian and qualified teacher, he has a passion for inclusive design. Ben has experience of working with all UK education sectors and many years of experience in working to improve both the physical and digital accessibility of educational organisations.

Email: b-watson@ucl.ac.uk

Reena Babu
Reena Babu, Digital Accessibility Technologist

Reena joined UCL in August 2017 and manages the Digital Accessibility Hub on the UCL East campus. She provides support to disabled students and staff in assistive technology, both hardware and software, focusing on one-to-one IT training and making recommendations on DSE ergonomic equipment to assist in their working environment. 

Email: r.babu@ucl.ac.uk | Tel: 0203 1084419 | Internal: 54419

Matt Pateman
Matt Pateman, Digital Accessibility Support Officer 

Matt joined UCL in August 2022 and manages the digital Accessibility Hub on the Bloomsbury campus. Matt has over 20 years’ experience working with Partially Sighted, Blind and dyslexic users.  

Email: m.pateman@ucl.ac.uk | Tel: 0207 6799745 | Internal: 09745

Georgia Mann
Georgia Mann, Digital Accessibility Coordinator

Georgia joined UCL in January 2023; Georgia coordinates the team’s projects, communications and events to support the wider Digital Accessibility strategy. She has previously worked at an accessibility consultancy specialising in accessible social media and communications. 

Email: g.mann@ucl.ac.uk

James Prime
James Prime, Digital Accessibility Assistant

A former UCL student, James joined the team officially in February 2023. James’ focus is primarily on accessibility data analysis, but also includes captioning, alternative formats for printed material, auditing and remediation, and anything else that counts as both technical and supportive.  

Email: jc.prime.11@ucl.ac.uk 

Postal address

Digital Accessibility Hub (Bloomsbury)
Room B10, South Cloisters,
Lower level of the Wilkins Building,
Gower Street, London

Digital Accessibility Hub (UCL East)
110 Digital Accessibility Hub  
One Pool Street  
London, E20 2AF 

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