Information Services Division


Digital Accessibility Hubs

The Digital Accessibility Hubs are dedicated IT workrooms for students and staff with a disability or who are in need of reasonable adjustments.

About the Hubs

The Hubs are located on the Bloomsbury campus and new UCL East campus. They offer a range of facilities and in-person support including:

  • access to specialist equipment
  • support for students, professional services and academic staff
  • training on accessibility software programs, accessible content creation, and ergonomic equipment.  

How to gain access

For on-going, long-term access to the hubs:

You're also welcome to email us to set up a meeting to come visit, while or before doing the above - digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk.

Locations and availability 

Gower St Hub (Bloomsbury)

Managed by Matt Pateman -
contact m.pateman@ucl.ac.uk or digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk

Opening hours

  • Monday-Sunday, 8am-10pm


Room B10, South Wing,
Lower level of the Wilkins Building, 
Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT


Pool St Hub (UCL East)

Managed by Reena Babu -
contact r.babu@ucl.ac.uk or digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk

Opening hours

  • Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm 
  • Saturday-Sunday, 8am-6pm 
  • Not open Bank Holidays or University closure dates  


Room 110, First Floor
1 Pool Street, Stratford,
London, E20 2AF


Hubs rules and safety

Digital Accessibility Hub rules

  • No food is allowed apart from hot/cold drinks. 
  • Mobile phones to be on silent and to answer calls outside the hub.
  • No unauthorised  users allowed, apart from support workers.
  • Be considerate to other users i.e. no loud music and keep talking to whisper level.
  • Do not to save any work on PC's - save or transfer onto USB drive.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

  • In case of a fire emergency, the fire alarm with flashing lights will set off and the automatic door will remain open until evacuation alarm stops.
  • If on Bloombury campus, please proceed to meet outside the Print Room Cafe until Fire Marshall informs it is clear to re-enter the building. 
  • If on UCL East campus, please proceed to meet outside the blue bridge until Fire Marshall informs it is clear to re-enter the building.

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