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Mathematics and programming

Mathematical content can be challenging for those with visual impairments.

Baseline standards proposal for accessible Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM)

UCL have been working with the Thomas Pocklington Trust and the University of Westminster to create basline standards for accessible STEMM. 

The proposal addresses accessibility of educational content specifically with respect to the STEMM disciplines. The topics covered in these guides are specific to STEMM and we set out the standard where possible with links to help in meeting it.

This works builds on Dr Jim Tyson's LaTeX and accessibility blog.

General Guidance

Digital Education has published good general guidance on producing accessible materials on its Accessibility Fundamentals pages, with links to a host of useful resources.

The University of York have a introduction to accessible maths which includes lots of practical guidance.

EquatIO makes maths more accessible! 

EquatIO allows users to speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device. By moving to digital maths instruction, Equatio makes maths more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their maths read aloud to them.

EquatIO can be found on both student and staff desktops.

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