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Forms and survey tools

This page looks at various survey tools available at UCL for capturing information from respondents. It covers how accessible the tools are and how to design your survey to maximise accessibility.

The accessibility of a form will depend both on the tool you are using to create it, the design of the form and the way that you structure your questions. 

UCL survey tools

The following tools are available for creating forms at UCL:

  • Microsoft (MS) Forms
  • Qualtrics XM
  • REDCap

Research IT Services have put together a Survey Tools site with a comparison of these tools according to features like survey design, data management and participant management.  There is also an overview of the GDPR implications of using each of these tools.

Which tool should I use?

All of these tools have some accessibility issues but in general MS Forms is the most accessible in its inherent design.  Unless you particularly need a feature that is only offered by one of the other tools, it is advisable to use Microsoft Forms while taking steps to design your form in the most accessible way.

Microsoft Forms:

Qualtrics provide guidance on using their tool to create accessible surveys and has a built in accessibility checker.  Note that the process of creating the survey is not accessible but the survey itself can be created to be accessible.

RedCAP has many accessibility issues but is required for use with highly sensitive data, such as medical data, stored in the Data Safe Haven.

General considerations when designing a form

The same accessibility fundamentals apply to forms just as they do to other content: having a clear and simple structure and being careful in your use of colour, for example.  It is also recommended to keep forms as short as possible and to provide clear instructions on how to use the form and what information is required.

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