Information Services Division


Elevated Rights on Desktop@UCL

Information regarding elevated rights on your Desktop@UCL device.

As standard, users of Desktop@UCL devices are not provided with elevated rights (Admin Permissions).  The reason for this is to help ISD keep your Desktop@UCL device consistent with all other Desktop@UCL devices and allow us to offer you the best possible level of support.  Allowing elevated rights for all users opens up the device to external security risks such as malware or unintentional changes to the file system.

There are however a small number of circumstances when you may require elevated rights in order to carry out your day-to-day work.  If you believe this to be the case for you then you can make a request to ISD for elevated rights on your device. We will require authorisation from your Head of Department, Departmental Manager or Computer Rep and we will then review your case and decide based on the evidence given.  ISD reserve the right to refuse the request even with departmental authorisation if the justification is not adequate.

PLEASE NOTE - Elevated rights will not be granted simply to enable you to install software.  All software installation requests must go through our software request process to ensure that all software on Desktop@UCL devices are suitable and licence compliant.

If you are granted elevated rights on your Desktop@UCL device then ISD's support agreement with you will be changed and you will be required to agree to the new terms as set out below:

  1. I understand that by accepting to have elevated rights installed on my Desktop@UCL machine I will be able to access the ‘run with Administrative Rights (Audited)’ option. This allows any program to be run as if it was run as an administrator. Using this feature a user can do anything that would regularly require admin rights. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Software Installations/Uninstallations
  • Full access to the Computer Management MMC snap-in
  • Access to modify the local C: drive
  1. As a result of this, I understand that there will be implications in regard to the support I can expect to receive from the Service Desk and any escalation team(s). Any problems will be investigated on a best effort basis with no associated SLAs.
  2. I understand that, if after reasonable effort has been expended to investigate the issue, it has not been possible to identify a solution, the fall-back position will be to re-image the machine. This will require the user to reapply all previous customisations.
  3. I understand that data stored on the C: drive is not backed up and that ISD will not be responsible for any data stored there.
  4. As a result of having administrative rights on the system, I will assume the role of Custodian of the system which carries a number of responsibilities with it as defined in the policies and guidance around custodianship of UCL systems that are available on the ISD Information Security webpages.

If you agree to all of the above then please complete a request form and email this to the Service Desk to be be processed.