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Website Building Service

What is this Service?

The service includes:

  • Creating and maintaining websites in the central content management system
  • Carrying out content audits and expert reviews
  • Information architecture development
  • User research and testing
  • Web and interface design for UCL-branded websites
  • Web development 
  • Developing, supporting and maintaining the central CMS
  • Advising on Search Engine Optimisation
  • Advising on Google Analytics
  • Domain name and URL advice and management

The website building and management service does not include:

  • Updating of website content
  • Development or maintenance of websites using any technology other than the central CMS
  • Dreamweaver advice and support
  • HTML email template advice
  • Bespoke web design for non-UCL-branded websites
  • Social media advice

Why use the Service?

Numerous suppliers of web-related services are available so why should you use the service offered by Digital Presence? As the internal digital agency for UCL we can provide many benefits not available from external digital agencies:

  • We understand how UCL operates so we can instantly understand your requirements
  • We provide a centrally-managed CMS with free website hosting
  • We provide free training on the CMS 
  • Our free support does not end when the website is launched
  • We have a development roadmap so you can take advantage of features developed for UCL
  • Our prices are very competitive and are considerably less than commercial agencies.

Who can use the service?

  • Staff at UCL who wish to have a website hosted in the central CMS
  • Staff at affiliated organisations who wish to have a website hosted in the central CMS
  • Postgraduate research students who are involved in creating a website for a research centre, institute or project
  • Staff and postgraduate research students who wish to have a website hosted in central web space.

The service is not available to:

  • Staff wishing to host websites not related to UCL activities
  • Staff who require support for their personal web space
  • Undergraduate students
  • Anyone outside UCL, unless they are an academic moving to UCL and wish to organise the moving of a website in advance.

Web Service Prioritisation Policy





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