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Installing the Citrix Receiver for Desktop@UCL on a machine running Mac OS X

This guide is aimed at...

  • All users

Before you start...

  • Access to a computer running Mac OSX connected to the internet
  • You need to know your UCL user ID and password
  • It is strongly recommended that you have an up to date anti-virus software installed on your computer UCL staff and students can install FSecure for free.

Important: If you are already using Citrix Program Neighbourhood or Citrix Xen App to access Staff WTS, these should be removed before installing Citrix Receiver.


1. Go to Citrix Receiver website and download the Receiver for Mac.

2. Click Download Receiver. A separate tab will open.

3. Click Download Receiver for Mac –  a dialogue box with a file called CitrixReceiverxx.x.xx.dmg will open. Click Save File

Mac Citrix Receiver dmg file…

Fig 1 - Citrix Receiver dmg file download

4. Locate this file from your Downloads folder and open the file and double click Install Citrix Receiver.

Mac Citrix Receiver Install screen…

Fig 2 - Citrix Receiver Install Screen

5. Click Continue of the security message and Citrix Receiver Installer will open. 

6. Click Continue and Continue again. Then Agree to the license agreement.

7. Now click Install.  You may need to input the administrator password at this point.  The installation will now begin.  This will take a few mins to complete.

Mac Citrix Installer…

Fig 3 - Mac OS Citrix Receiver Installer

8. When installation has completed successfully click Close

9. You can now Follow the instructions How to logon to Desktop @ UCL Anywhere instructions to connect.  The Citrix Receiver will be automatically detected and used.

An additional guide can be found directly from the Citrix.

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