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How to Register for UCL Administrative Systems

This page details how to register for commonly used Administrative Systems.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff

Before you start...

You will usually need to know the following pieces of information: 

  • UCL userid
  • Department(s) that you need access for
  • Type of access required (options are usually listed on the appropriate form)
  • Details of your Head of Department who can authorise your access.
  • Date that access should be available (but please allow enough time for the request to be processed)

Ideally you should scan and e-mail the completed forms to ensure a quick turnaround.

Decide which applications you need

If you are...

You may need to access...

A Departmental Administrator/ManagerSystems for HR administration including SiP, DAM and ROME.
The Services System to manage your departmental visitors (temps, researchers).
The Records Office Archiving system.
A Teaching or Research AdministratorThe Services System for managing short-course students and other academic visitors .
The Records Office System for archiving
Admin functions of the Research Publications Service and IRIS.
A Head of DepartmentSiP to approve/submit HR contracts.
A Departmental TimetablerCMIS for Timetabling and booking teaching space.
A member of staff in Human ResourcesVarious HR applications, including SiP, DAM, ROME, Senior Promotions, PAR, etc.
A member of staff in Development & Alumni RelationsAdvance for supporter and alumni administration.


Complete the relevant registration form below. Please bear the following important points in mind so that we can deal with requests as quickly as possible:

  • Use the right form: Different applications have different registration and authorisation processes, make sure you use the correct form.
  • Get the Form signed: Access to UCL Administrative system requires signed authorisation by the 'Data Owner' in the relevant division. Only return forms to ISD once they have been signed [excepting the Services System which requires authorisation within ISD]
  • Get signatures from the correct people: Some applications require authorisation by both your Head of Department (or equivalent) and the 'Data Owner'. If only one signature is required on the form, it will be for the authorised 'data owner' and NOT your Head of Department.

It is a fundamental UCL Internal Audit requirement that access to many of these systems is signed off by the head of the requesting department. In the absence or unavailability of the head the forms can be signed off by his/her nominee. The nominee will normally be a person who is of sufficient seniority to manage or significantly contribute to the management of the department in the head's absence and is empowered to authorise access to systems that pertain to the administration and finances of the department.

Registration Forms

Click on the name of the system for the appropriate registration information.

Please ensure that the correct form is used and that it is signed by the appropriate contact listed above - we will not be able to process applications that have not been correctly authorised.

Systems for HR Administration:

Authorised By :

SiP (HR Workflow application)Alan Liddell or Isabel Rufat-Subias in the HR Systems and Business Process team
DAM (HR Departmental Reporting) [.doc]Alan Liddell or Isabel Rufat-Subias in the HR Systems and Business Process team
ROME (Recruitment Online)Head of Department and Human Resources
HR systems (for HR use): Redeployment, Senior Promotions, SPS, UPAY, etc [.doc]Nikoleta Pappa, Rachna Kayastha or Rashpal Liddar, in the HR Workforce Reporting & Analytics team

System for Visitor administration

Services System (online registration form)Your Head of Department and a representative of ISD.

Systems for Academic Administration

Records Office System (Archiving) [.doc]Robert Winckworth or Colin Penman in the Records Office
CMIS (Timetabling) [.doc]Your Head of Department
Research Publications Service - Administrator Access [.doc]Your Head of Department  
Radioactive Substances [.doc]Michael Lockyer in Safety Services

Alumni and Supporter Administration

Advance Alumni system [.doc]Sue Watts in Development & Alumni Relations

Related guides & other info

For more information about Administrative Systems, visit the services@UCL application gateway.

Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact the IT Services.


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