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Drupal CMS: Upload several images

Learn to upload several images at the same time in Drupal.

Before you start 

  • When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer
  • Ensure the image is the right size. Guidance on image sizes can be found on the Resize an image how-to guide


You may want to upload a number of images at the same time.

  1. Ensure you are in editing mode
  2. Click on Content in the top toolbar
  3. From the tabs that appear on the right, choose 'Files'
  4. To the left, you now see '+ Add file' and '+Import files'
  5. Click on '+ Add file'
  6. Click on the blue link  '+Add files' towards the bottom left
  7. Select as many images as you need and click on 'Open'
  8. The files with their names and size will now appear in the large box, but the status is still 0% and with a red stop sign next to each file
  9. Click on 'Start upload' and you will see the files all get uploaded and the symbols turn to green ticks
  10. Click on the 'Next' button and you can start adding 'Alt text' etc. for each individual image
  11. Click on 'Save' and all the images are now in the website's image Library

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