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Drupal CMS: Publishing content

Learn about publishing content in Drupal.

Publish content in Drupal 

Once you are happy with the new content you have created or the edits you have made to existing content you can follow the steps below to publish your content.

  • Web Content Manager: For a Web Content Manager to publish, you need to choose 'Publishing options' from the left-hand menu when in editing mode, then choose 'published' and then 'Save'.
  • Contributor: In order to publish, you will need to choose 'Needs review'. Your work will then be moderated by an editor and when ok, it will be published by the editor.

Summary of publishing times:

Content type Publishing time
most content changes - edits to all content types, creating new content, etc.take around 5 minutes
feedsupdate on a four-hour cycle
menu changestake at least 18 hours

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