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Desktop@UCL Anywhere service information

Desktop@UCL Anywhere is shared virtual desktop to allow staff and students to access a UCL desktop for general, light and medium workloads from any desktop regardless of location.

Due to the limitations of the technology and the service being shared, you may encounter a poor experience when performing heavy computations, importing of large amount of data or application that require heavy graphical use or rendering. This maybe more noticeable during peak hours.

The service is configured to disconnect sessions that have been idle for a specified period of time. This may have an impact on long running processes.  To prevent the session disconnecting there must be user activity before the time out period. 

Session timeouts 

Further information can be found under the FAQ's here

Software available 

We aim to deploy all software that is available on managed desktop machine to Desktop@UCL Anywhere, however there can be some limitations due to the applications.

Confirmation of applications available on Desktop@UCL Anywhere can be found on the UCL Software Database page.

Further information

To download the Desktop@UCL Anywhere please visit the landing page.