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New student placement opportunity at Australia’s Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI)

16 February 2022

Students on the MSc Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics (with Practice) programme will now be able to apply for an overseas student placement at CMRI.

CMRI building

A new joint initiative with Australia’s Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), an institution affiliated to the University of Sydney, will allow us to offer an overseas student placement to students on the MSc Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics (with Practice) programme

The students will have the unique opportunity to be placed in a lab at CMRI where they will further develop their independent practice and bench skills in a lab context. Throughout the placement the students will remain under the supervision of their UCL IoO tutor for both academic and pastoral guidance, with regular online one-to-one meetings, tutorials, and seminar sessions. 

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is the site of world-leading research in areas such as cancer, neurobiology, embryology, genomics and gene therapy. Dedicated to advancing the treatment and prevention of childhood diseases, CMRI pioneered microsurgery, immunisations against lethal childhood illnesses and care for premature babies, all of which has improved the lives of countless Australian children over the last 60 years. 

IoO Director, Professor Andrew D Dick said of the new initiative:

It’s exciting to see our institute collaborate with yet another international institution to continue to provide excellence in our educational offer. I am delighted to join forces with CMRI for this MSc placement that will strengthen students’ knowledge and expertise in preclinical science and equip them for their professional life.

CMRI Director, Professor Roger Reddel said:

Following on from the successful PhD student exchange programme we have in place with UCL, we are now very happy to partner with UCL IoO in this MSc programme by offering laboratory placements in advanced therapeutics - and we look forward to welcoming students to Sydney. 

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Other overseas lab placements for this programme have also been agreed with the Singapore Eye Research Institute, SERI, and other host institutions will be added in due course.