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New student placement opportunity at the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)

19 January 2022

A new joint initiative with SERI will enable us to offer an overseas student placement for the MSc Research Pathways in Advanced Therapeutics with Practice programme.

SERI building

Students will undertake a placement as part of the new MSc Research pathways in Advanced Therapeutics (with Practice) programme.

The Singapore Eye Research Institute is Singapore’s national and premier research institute for ophthalmic and vision research. It is the research arm of Singapore National Eye Centre and is affiliated to the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Duke-NUS Medical School. Established in 1997, SERI’s mission is to conduct high impact eye research with the aim to prevent blindness, low vision and major eye diseases common to Singaporeans and Asians. 

Over the last decade, SERI has conducted landmark research projects that have led to tangible outcomes, patient benefits, and success stories. Many of SERI's landmark research findings have been translated to bedside clinics and commercialized, and incorporated into preventive strategies and national health screening programmes. It has paved the way for significant improvements in how eye diseases are treated and prevented, not just for Singaporeans or Asians, but on a global scale.

With a staff of over 245 members, encompassing clinician scientists, research fellows, PhD students and support staff, SERI is one of the largest research institutes in Singapore and the largest eye research institute in Asia-Pacific. 

IoO Director Professor, Andrew Dick said of the new initiative:

This is a tremendous opportunity for students to deepen their preclinical science learning and to benefit from the wealth of research and knowledge available at two of the world’s leading eye and vision research centres. This new initiative provides a step forward in our mission to provide our students with outstanding education programmes and connection to a growing network of peers, in the UK and worldwide.

Professor Jodhbir Mehta, Executive Director, SERI, said:

We are very happy with this partnership with UCL IoO and hope to expand further to joint PhD programs. This stems from a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was inked in 2019 between SERI, SNEC, UCL IoO and Moorfields Eye Hospital with the aim of cementing and expanding our collaborations in the areas of ophthalmology research and education.


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The Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) building in Singapore