UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Microscopy unit

The microscopy unit at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology provides microscopy services including training and access to a number of light and electron microscopes.

Welcome to IoO Microscopy unit

Many of the microscope services and techniques are outlined briefly in the following pages. We are open to clients from outside the institute and regularly perform work for other departments, academic institutions and businesses.

Our unit is located in the Cayton Street basement which is the home to our electron microscopes and some of the confocal systems. We also have live cell microscopes on the second floor and animal imaging systems on the third floor BRU. Out team is small and friendly. Come and see us in our office, room B03, call us on ext 6870 or send an email to Matt Hayes, Dhani Tracey-White or Diana Sefic-Svara. We can provide advice on the best protocols and the most suitable equipment for your imaging.

Access to microscopy systems and our user policy