UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


EDI in Action

The IoO Equality Challenge Team promotes and enhances equality, diversity and inclusion to benefit all staff and students.

Equality Challenge is embedded in the institute through the development of policies and guidelines. We create initiatives to support and promote good culture and career progression for all groups at the institute. Using feedback gathered from departmental events, focus groups and surveys, we aim to put the experience of all staff and students at the centre of everything we do.

Our remit:

  • To identify and remove systemic barriers for progression at the Institute. 
  • To embed equality, diversity and inclusion across the IoO in all areas of activity: leadership, culture, and career development. 
  • To advocate on behalf of all protected characteristics. 
  • To actively and effectively tackle bullying and harassment to improve workplace culture. 
  • To raise awareness of good practice both within and beyond our community. 

List of funders with anti-bullying/anti-harassment culture

To address cultural issues such as bullying and harassment within our department, the ECT has produced a list of funders which stipulate adherence to an anti-bullying and harassment culture as part of their funding requirements. Each of these funders requires that universities notify them of any/all investigations that are formally started.

Past events

  • Early Career Appraisal & Promotion: How You Can Advance Your Career January 2023
  • Lunch & Learn: MS Forms January 2023
  • Lunch & Learn: Introduction to Sustainability at UCL January 2023
  • EyeInclude: Improving patient care through diversity and inclusion in postgraduate curriculum January 2023
  • Early Career Appraisal & Promotion: How You Can Advance Your Career January 2022
  • Lunch & Learn: MS Teams January 2022
  • Early Career Researchers Gathertown Social Event January 2022
  • Where Do You Draw the Line March 2022
  • Career Conversations: Working in Communications March 2022
  • Lunch & Learn: An Introduction to the NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre April 2022
  • Career Talk: Pathway to Lab Management May 2022
  • Spotlight on... Research Management June 2022
  • Faculty of Brain Sciences Professional Services & Technical staff Away Day June 2022
  • How to be a scientist of your own emotions: emotional intelligence workshop November 2022
  • Spotlight on... Facilities Management December 2022
  • Lunch & Learn: E-worklife: Supporting focus and recovery while working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic February 2023
  • Meet the Directors: Professional Services & Technical staff April 2021
  • Career Talk: Pathway to Managing Core Facilities and Clinical Trials June 2021
  • Lunch & Learn: Inbox Zero October 2021
  • Lunch & Learn: Excel Basics November 2021
  • Lunch & Learn: OneDrive November 2021
  • Early Career Researchers: Speed Networking January 2020
  • Meet the Directors: Professional Services & Technical Staff  February 2020
  • Appraisal and Promotion Workshop: Postdoctoral Researchers February 2020
  • International Women's Day: Meet the People Behind the Science  March 2020
  • Career Talk: Pathway to Operations Management  July 2020
  • Careers:  My Prinicipal Investigator Story  July 2020
  • Early Career Researchers Annual Symposium  July 2020
  • Careers:  My Prinicipal Investigator Story  August 2020
  • Lunch & Learn: Effective Communication October 2020
  • Athena Swan Action Planning Event 2021-2025 October 2020
  • Early Career Researchers Annual Symposium June 2019
  • What can gender equality do for me? November 2019
  • Meet the Directors: Early Career Researchers November 2019
  • Taking the Leap: What's it like working for Industry?  February 2018
  • Scientific Publishing  February 2018
  • Teaching Workshop  March 2018
  • Engage Business Event  April 2018
  • Grant Writing seminar  July 2018
  • Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology: Dr Emily Eden (IoO) and Prof Noemi Lois (Queen's University Belfast)  October 2018
  • Engage event February 2017
  • Careers: Speed Lunch Discussion March 2017
  • Career Personal Experiences April 2017
  • Grant Writing Workshop April 2017
  • Postdoc/Fellow Focus Group August 2017
  • Outreach: Summer School August 2017
  • Engage: Meet the Directors Q&A September 2017
  • Athena SWAN "Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology" Event October 2017
  • Speed Networking Career Event October 2017
  • Medical Careers Day December 2017
  • Career Personal Experiences (Organiser: Career group) November 2016
  • Careers: Speed Lunch Discussion (Organiser: Maria Balda) October 2016
  • Engage: Skills Share (Organisers: Erika Aquino, Anastasia Lampropoulou, Rose Richardson and Radhika Shah) September 2016
  • Athena SWAN "Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology" Event (Organiser: Mariya Moosajee) 20th September 2016
  • Careers: Researcher Career Destinations in the Life and Health Sciences by Dr Calum Leckie, UCL Careers (Organiser: Maria Balda) 29th June 2016
  • Grant Writing Workshop (Organiser: Natalie Reeve) 15th June 2016
  • Non-academic Career Options (Organiser: Natalie Reeve) 18th May 2016
  • Careers Speed Lunch Discussion (Organiser: Maria Balda) 19th April 2016
  • Mentoring: What’s all the fuss about, anyway!? 8th March 2016
  • Engage: Skills Share (Organisers: Erika Aquino, Anastasia Lampropoulou, Rose Richardson and Radhika Shah) 5th February 2016
  • Engage: Forgotten about academia: take the money path security and run to industry (Organisers: Viv Lee, Angshu Angbohang and Barbara Vacca) 25th September 2015
  • Inspiring Women in Ophthalmology Celebration including the grand opening by Dr Marcelle Jay of “The Marcelle Jay” Room celebrating inspiring women in Ophthalmology (Organiser: Natalie Reeve) 8th September 2015
  • Career Path Forum (Organiser: Ana Pinho) 23rd July 2015
  • Leadership Essentials for Researchers by Dr Calum Leckie (Organiser: Maria Balda) 24th April 2015
  • Grant Writing Workshop (Post-docs) (Organiser: Natalie Reeve) 20th March 2015
  • Engage: Should you freeze your eggs (or partner's eggs) and wait for that Science/ Nature paper to have children? (Organisers: Viv Lee, Angshu Angbohang and Barbara Vacca) 8th March 2015
  • Career Management for Researchers: Academia & Beyond Dr Calum Leckie (Organiser: Maria Balda) 25th February 2015
  • “Engage: Do you have questions/suggestions about your science career progression?” (Organisers: Viv Lee, Angshu Angbohang and Barbara Vacca, 28th November 2014)
  • Career Advice Service (Organiser: Maria Balda, July-December 2014)
  • Grant Writing Workshop (PIs) (Organiser: Philip J Luthert, 6th June 2014)
  • Grant Writing Workshop (Post-docs) (Organiser: Natalie Reeve, 1st April 2014)
  • Annual Careers Day (14th March 2014)
  • Annual Careers Day (14th February 2013)