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Parents and carers

Parents' Mailing List

At the Institute of Ophthalmology we have a parents' mailing list to put parents in touch with other parents. Email bulletins provide information on parent support at IoO, local childcare options and parental schemes.

Please contact the mailing list administrator if you would like to be included:

Nick Burt, email: nicholas.burt@ucl.ac.uk

Local Childcare

The Institute of Ophthalmology benefits from a ten percent discount at our local nursery, The Co-operative Childcare Islington. Please contact the manager to arrange an appointment.

The Co-operative Childcare
10 Galway Street
London, EC1V 3SW

Tel: 0800 954 0669

Email: info@thecooperativechildcare.coop

What are UCL's family friendly policies?

The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology strives to ensure that all its staff can achieve a positive work-life balance while maintaining a highly productive and rewarding career. The Institute strongly supports the various schemes implemented by UCL to facilitate family-friendly working practices. For example, UCL offers generous maternity leave and paternity/partners leave packages, and provides advice and support for all staff who require a variation in working patterns to suit personal and family needs.

The links below describe the various UCL family-friendly policies and arrangements, and provide advice on how to benefit from them and the procedures involved for staff in our department.

Further information 

Guidance on supporting working parents and carers (pdf)

UCL PACT - A UCL support network for parents and carers.

UCL Equality - Equality and Diversity for all staff at UCL.