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Parents and Carers Together

Parents and Carers Together (PACT) is a social network that aims to support UCL staff members who are balancing ongoing caring responsibilities with work. It is a peer support group led by network members for members so new ideas and activities are always welcomed and encouraged.

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Current events


Examples of past events:

Title:     Returning from Maternity Leave, Victoria Goffin (Parenting for Professionals)

Returning to work from maternity leave is a huge step and many women may experience different issues such as anxiety about going to work, time management, pressure to catch up, build confidence, etc.  This workshop is designed to explore personal strategies for achieving work life balance, boost confidence during your return, to look at ways of regaining control over your career and to develop a good work/life balance.
Questions for consideration:

Title:                     Approaches to Flexible Working at UCL

Main Speakers:

·         Introduction by PACT co-chair Professor Jawwad Darr and ( ) and PACT Chair Mrs Madiha Sajid ( )

·         Harriet Jones (Athena SWAN Policy Adviser) and Anne-Marie Howard, Policy Officer (UCL Human Resources Division)

·         Dr Martina Micheletti (Biochemical Engineering)

·         Professor Claire Carmalt (Case study)

The talk is relevant to carers of all types and includes:

o   Flexible working and the UCL Work Life Balance Policy from HR

o   Good flexible working practise at UCL (Biochemical engineering who are applying for a Gold Athena SWAN award)

o   Personal perspectives from staff members

o   Free discussion with the equalities team to discuss 'what we could do better'


Title: Preparing for maternity at work

This particular session is aimed at expectant mothers who are planning to go on maternity leave shortly. Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis (email: equalities(AT) Due to popular demand, there will be repeat sessions during March/April.

More information can be found here.

Title:      Top Tips

The holiday season can be great fun, but we also know that it can be a stressful time for parents and carers. Having to get groups of people together, sticking to a gift and food budget as well as managing everyone's expectations can be a challenge, and in particular for families with young children, who already experience frequent practical, physical and emotional pressures.

So at this event, we are starting discussions asking you for any top tips and ways that you celebrate with your family. You can either drop me a line or else bring your wisdom to the session! We'll be looking for tips on:

Title:      Life as a Working Dad at UCL

By:          Victoria Goffin

Victoria Goffin from Parenting for Professionals is a Learning and Development Consultant who facilitates maternity coaching and dads' workshops. Parenting for Professionals is a UK based coaching business, working with companies to support employees through the transition of becoming a parent at work and beyond

**While this session is titled 'Working Dads' it is important to reiterate that all members are welcome and we encourage your attendance regardless of your caring role.**

Title: Flexible Working - Hear it from Bob!

Bob Carey agreed to talk about his experiences of changing compressed/flexible working pattern. Bob is a senior HR Consultant at UCL. He talked about how he balanced caring and work responsibilities, throwing light upon the challenges he faced and how he tackled them.

What: "Coping with needs: special or not!"

By: Claire Harding from Contact a Family  

Contact a Family is a national charity that exists to support the families of disabled children whatever their condition or disability. They offer support, information and advice to over 340,000 families each year and campaign for families to receive a better deal. Claire is a Parent Adviser and works closely with Support & Engagement team. She will be talking about different ways to improve the circumstances of families with disabled children and for their right to be included and take part in society. She will also be available after the talk for any one-to-one queries.



Last updated: 13th February 2017