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New Student Sustainability Ambassador 2022-23

hannah thomas

Hi! I’m Hannah, a 3rd Year Medical Student intercalating in Global Health and I am passionate about the steps we as individuals can take to create a better future primarily through taking decisive action to respond to, adapt and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis.

Making our institutions of education increasingly environmentally friendly is our responsibility as students of the present and adults of the everchanging future! I hope that together we can make the IoN and UCL a greener and more sustainable place!

This year, the focus is on the impact of our digital lives. Although it is small, it is something we can easily tackle through some simple steps!

Get rid of your clutter stored on The Cloud, delete spam emails and unwanted email subscriptions and make more mindful tech purchases.

ION Deputy Director for Sustainability

sanjay sisodiya
"The world's climate is changing now. Global heating and its consequences will greatly affect our lives and work in the years ahead. For people with neurological diseases, and for research into those diseases, climate change is likely to pose significant challenges, which is in our remit and power to address. I very much look forward to working with all across the Institute to do what we can to meet these challenges, to reduce our contributions to climate change, and to promote sustainability." Professor Sanjay Sisodiya
"Climate change is with us. How will it affect people with epilepsy? How do we contribute to climate change in our professional lives? What can we do about it? EpilepsyClimateChange is hosting its first virtual conference to begin to address these important issues. Please join us so we can begin to plan and take action for a challenging future".  Sanjay Sisodiya for EpilepsyClimateChange.

ION Sustainability Activities 

Vegetable planting in 12 Queen Square

The 12QS Green Team repurposed old planters and made a little vegetable patio, and planted large and cherry tomatoes, some basil and a few flowers to attract pollinators. Sunflowers and cucumbers to come soon....researchers from 12QS will be involved in the regular care and watering of the plants.

vegetable patch

HPF Labs case study: Ice Pack Reuse in Laboratories – New Solutions Needed

HPF labs ice pack

Flowers outside 7 Queen Square

A new planter outside 7 Queen Square with Marigolds, Cosmos and Margarites to attract bees and butterflies. 

flowers in a planter

Dementia Research Centre: upcycled office chairs

DRC chairs


Wakefield Street: Lab equipment repairs workshop

lab repair

Queen Square Library organised series of Bird walks with UCL Conservation Society

bird walk may 2019