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Queen Square Clinical Trial Centre
UCL Institute of Neurology
7 Queen Square
5th Floor
London WC1N 3BG

Telephone: 020 3448 3555

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Queen Square Clinical Trials Centre (QSCTC)


The Institute of Neurology opened Queen Square Clinical Trial Centre in
February 2012. The aim of the centre is to increase clinical trial activity in neuroscience by supporting and facilitating research. The QS CTC is also a linked centre to the Comprehensive UCL Clinical Trials Unit. This unit was launched in July 2012, to provide expertise to design, conduct, analyse and publish clinical trials, and other research (

The QS CTC is supported by a team of core members, which consist of a clinical lead (Dr Jeremy Chataway), senior trial co-ordinator (Dr Tahera Hussain), NIHR Clinical Research Network Division 4 Portfolio Officer (Amal Qureshi) and statistician (Dr Zoe Fox). 

Need advice on setting up your study
Tahera and Amal

The centre provides advice for all studies, including statistics, costing, NIHR portfolio adoption, sponsorship, and trial set up.
The core team have developed a specific one A4 page proforma to register all clinical research, including clinical trials and natural history studies. The proforma captures basic information including design, primary outcome measures, funding and sponsorship and should be completed during the outline stage. Once the QS CTC has received this, a meeting is initiated with the investigator to identify key areas where support is required. This process also helps to identify studies suitable to put forward to UCL CTU for potential adoption.

To access more information on statistics and portfolio adoption click on the following links QS CTC Statistical support and NIHR Portfolio Adoption

The QS CTC organised its first Workshop for Clinical Researchers at Queen Square in Feb 2014. To obtain more information on the contents of the workshop click on the above hyperlink.