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Listen-In spoken word comprehension therapy for people with aphasia

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  • Listen-In aims to improve your understanding of spoken words
  • Practise over 800 words, presented as single words and sentences
  • Gaming features make therapy enjoyable and help you take frequent breaks!

therapy challenge

therapy challenge
Match spoken words and sentences to picturesReceive feedback on every challenge
select words to practice
world map
game level

Choose different sets of words to practise


Travel around a virtual world!

Short games ensure regular breaks

Research trial

Would you like to contribute to aphasia research? 

  • We are inviting all Listen-In users to take part in our ongoing research study
  • We would like to collect your data while you use the app, so we can answer new research questions and make improvements
  • When you download Listen-In, you can decide whether you want to take part:

    • If you agree, we will collect your data, and use it in our research study

    • If you do not agree, you can still use the app, but we will not use your data in our research study

  • Download the information sheet for more details 

Instructions and FAQs


What will I need to get started?

Android computer tablet
Google Play account
Internet connection
You might need someone to help you

Previous Research

Listen-In has been tested in a clinical trial with individuals with aphasia.


  • 35 adults with aphasia caused by stroke
  • Average age = 61 years
  • Average time since stroke = 76 months


  • All participants completed 12 weeks of Listen-In therapy, at home
  • Average time spent on therapy = 85 hours


  • 30 participants improved their understanding of practiced words
  • On average, participants returned to 'normal performance' by 31% for practiced words
    ('Normal performance' = same age adults without aphasia)

For a summary of the Listen-In project, click here

Research Publications

*Fleming, V., *Brownsett, S., Krason, A., Maegli, M. A., Coley-Fisher, H., Ong, Y. H., Nardo, D., Leach, R., Howard, D., Robson, H., Warburton, E., Ashburner, J., Price, C. J., Crinion, J. T., & Leff, A. P. (2020). Efficacy of spoken word comprehension therapy in patients with chronic aphasia: A cross-over randomised controlled trial with structural imaging. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 1–7. https://doi.org/10.1136/jnnp-2020-324256

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