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Photos and News of The Neural Circuits for Movement Laboratory

Photos of the lab over the years and recent updates.

Brownstone Lab 2021
Brownstone Lab 2019

We made GOLD!! in the 2021 Sustainability Awards (labs).

Photo of Zoom meeting

Nadine Simons-Weidenmaier is holding our 2019 award plant in the bottom right-hand corner. It was a bit neglected during the lockdowns, but is thriving now!


We made GOLD!! in the 2019 Sustainability Awards (labs).

This was a joint effort between the Brownstone, Greensmith and Schiavo labs.

Thank you all for you help, efforts and ideas to make UCL and especially our lab a greener place.


UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology Green Champions, Dr Nadine Simons-Weidenmaier (right) and Debbie Hadley with the Gold Laboratory award.