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Headache and Facial Pain


Researching headache and facial pain pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutics


  Dr Manjit Matharu

Research Team

Research Goals

  • To understand the underlying mechanisms of headache and facial pain disorders
  • To understand the genetic basis of headache and facial pain disorder
  • To define the clinical spectrum of headache and facial pain disorders, systematically studying their clinical phenotypes, and thereby improve the classification of these disorders
  • To develop a self-management programme for chronic headache disorders
  • To advance therapeutics by conducting controlled trials in headache and facial pain syndromes
  • To develop and improve innovative surgical and neuromodulatory treatments for headache and facial pain disorders

Funded Research Projects

  • Chronic Headache Education and Self-Management Study (CHESS). Collaborative study with Warwick University. Funded by National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)
  • Cluster Headache Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS). Funded by Brain Research Trust
  • Synaptopathies Study. Funded by Wellcome Trust
  • Occipital Nerve Stimulation in Primary Headache Syndromes. Funded by St Jude Medical
  • Nasal Cavity Cooling for the symptomatic relief of migraine (BrainCool-Migraine) study. Collaborative study with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Funded by BrainCool AB


Recent publications from Headache and Facial Pain


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