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RAND report shows that UCL has the highest share of highly cited publications in Neurology in the UK

An independent report by RAND (2015) which examined highly-cited research, i.e. research publications falling into the top 20% for citations in their year and field, showed that UCL has the highest share of Highly Cited Publications (HCPs) in Neuroimaging (21.1%) and Neurosciences (18.1%) andClinical neurology (15.6%) and in the Dementias Highlight Area (15.5%) – in all cases significantly more than the nearest competitor.

Neuroimaging is one of only two subject areas covered in the analysis where one HEI has over 20% of all HCPs

In the calendar year 2016, Institute staff published1428 papers, 40 book chapters and 5 books (data from UCL Discovery). 55 papers were published in the top 50 of all scientific journals (ranked by ISI impact factors), including Nature, Science, Lancet, BMJ and New England Journal of Medicine. Please see UCL Discovery for a list of departmental publications by year.

You can also search for specific authors, titles etc within UCL Discovery.

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