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Meet the researcher videos:

Professor Sebastian Brandner



Dr Sebastian Crutch


My research focuses on rare and young onset dementia, with a particular interest in how Alzheimer’s disease can selectively affect vision, language or memory in different individuals. I am passionate about developing patient and carer support groups to address the needs of those affected by rare dementias.

Dr Jonathan Rohrer


My research focuses on brain imaging of young onset dementia. In particular I investigate whether changes can be seen in the structure and function of the brain before symptoms develop by studying currently healthy people who carry an abnormal gene that means they will develop dementia in the next 10 or 20 years.

Dr Ed Wild


I work with patients to understand Huntington's Disease and develop new ways of tracking its progression (biomarkers). We can now measure the concentration of mutant huntingtin protein, the cause of HD, in cerebrospinal fluid. We’ll be using this to help test the first ever 'gene silencing' treatment for HD, starting summer 2015.