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High-Dimensional Neurology

High-dimensional neurology

Glyph visualisation of vasculature-induced spatial biases in lesion-deficit mapping based on stroke lesions*

Creating individually predictive models of clinical outcome from high-dimensional analysis of large-scale clinical datasets.


Dr Parashkev Nachev

Research Team:

Research Goals

  • To apply to neurological research innovative inferential approaches that do not assume that causal relations in biology are sufficiently stereotyped across individuals to be adequately characterised by conventional methods.
  • To use large-scale, high-dimensional analysis of rich clinical datasets to identify non-intuitive patterns within the data that are individually clinically predictive and illuminative of the highly complex casual mechanisms we believe are likely to obtain in reality.

Funded Research Projects

  • Automatic anomaly detection for brain imaging triage and classification (Wellcome Trust/DoH Health Innovation Challenge Fund).
Recent publications from High-Dimensional Neurology


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Further information

* Image reproduced with permission of Dr Parashkev Nachev.