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Dr Anna Kuppuswamy

Kuppuswamy Lab.

I am a Henry Dale fellow investigating mechanisms of perceptual fatigue in human stroke model at Institute of Neurology, UCL. I started my career as a physiotherapist in India whilst I developed an interest in understanding neurological disorders and brain derived mechanisms of neurological symptoms. After having completed my PhD at Imperial College London and a post-doctoral visiting fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, USA, I moved to UCL in 2012.

My lab investigates the neural basis of perceptual fatigue in neurological conditions using a range of techniques including behavioural paradigms, non-invasive brain stimulation, brain imaging and computational modelling.

Our previous work suggests that chronic, irreversible, central fatigue, one of the most common symptoms in neurological conditions arises from deficits in central sensorimotor processing. Our current work focuses on identifying the precise mechanisms that underlie the genesis of perceptual fatigue. Our primary working hypothesis is that perceptual fatigue arises from mis-calibration of effort mediated by poor sensory attenuation.

We are also interested in identifying the interactions between sensory attenuation, fatigue and sense of agency. Our theoretical work concentrates on modelling the relative contributions of sensorimotor, perceptual and emotional networks to fatigue in disease models.

Lab members

Mr William De Doncker – RA & PhD student



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Past lab Members
Dr Sasha Ondobaka – post-doc

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