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The study

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The CLASP study evaluates the well-being and quality of life for patients in the later stages of Parkinsonism, and assesses the needs of carers. Our project compares the effectiveness of different health and social care systems in six different European countries in order to lay the foundation for improved outcomes in this population.

Our cross-sectional study assesses patients, carers and health care providers through questionnaires and interviews. The interventional arm of our study investigates how patients benefit from management advice and guidance by a movement disorders specialist, as compared to their usual care arrangements.

Evaluation of our trial will serve as a basis for recommendations in the management of advanced Parkinsonism. As part of the project we also carry out a systematic literature review of care systems and procedures. We interrogate national and regional databases to describe current care practices, healthcare resources, drug interventions, and other predictors of better outcome. We also evaluate potentially useful outcome measures for use in this patient group.